About the Dovrebanen (The Dovre Line)

Train journeys are quite nostalgic. They are cherished by everyone as there is always something special about them. Everyone who loves to travel would resonate with the fact that there is something special about train journeys that no other mode of transport provides. It goes beautiful farms, lively villages, mysterious tunnels, and much more.

Even in Norway, train journeys are loved by people. It is one of the most popular modes of travel among people across various walks of life irrespective of background. People use trains to commute to different states of the country. The route of the train expands to around 553 km. It is also the main train line of the Norwegian railway system. Hence, one can imagine the immense popularity the train must be having among the Norwegian people who love to travel the places through trains. The train starts its journey from Oslo and goes on to Trondheim. It is also the major line between the Trondheim and Eidsvoll. It takes around 7 hours for the train to reach Oslo to Trondheim. There are 25 stations in total during the whole journey of the train.

Dovrebanen is also one of the oldest trains in Norway. The train is also the first public transport to be introduced for the people of Norway.

The route of the Dovrebanen

Dovrebanen is also popular for the scenic route to the passengers. If you have ever traveled on the train, you will notice that a passenger can never be bored of all the beautiful places the train goes that one can keep looking outside the windows and feel happy.

One of the most popular and major stops between the train route is at Dombas. Here, many passengers deboard as they have to change the train to the Rauma Railway. The Rauma Railway is the one that travels to Andalsnes. The train passes through stunning locations such as Gudbrandsdalen valley and the Dovrefjell mountain ranges. These locations are famous among the tourists who want to experience the spectacular nature in Norway.

The train is the best medium to travel if a tourist wants to travel Norway in a fulfilling and fascinating way.

On board of The Dovre Line

Apart from the unbeatable visual pleasure that comes with having a ride on the train, the mode of transport is also preferred for the level of comfort that it offers to passengers.

No matter how long the journey may be, the passengers will have a good time experiencing pleasure even when traveling for the longest duration, i.e., 7 hours.

The trains’ seats are made from the finest cushion to ensure that the passengers can sit on the seats for a long time without giving their backs an ache. It is also suitable for old-aged people who don’t have any specific back problems. They can also travel by train.

The passenger seats are chair cars, which means that the passengers have to sit for the duration in the chairs. However, there is an option for them to adjust the angle of their backrest according to their preference. For instance, if some passengers want it slightly reclined, they can pull the level, whereas if you prefer your backrest of the seat to be upright, that can happen too accordingly. If you face any problem adjusting the seat, one may also ask for help from the train support staff, and they will round the corner to help anyone in need.

The train also provides an option to the passengers to pre-order food. They can order the food from the given menu to the passengers and enjoy the meal. However, there is one condition that the pre-order booking should be received at least two working days before the day of boarding by the passenger. The passengers can also order something special or specific if they wish to.

The food ordered on the train can be from third-party catering options that provide safe and healthy food after a quality check.


The condition of the train can be described as highly maintained. The train’s interior is well maintained and frequently repaired and checked for the sake of safe and quality travel by the customers. The cleanliness quotient of the train is also maintained by constant staff that looks after the hygiene factor such as cleaning the toilet, collecting and disposing of the trash, and more.

Support staff

The train also provides special support staff that can be contacted in case of any problem faced by the passenger. The representative will reach out to the passenger and try to sort out the problem in the best way possible to ensure that nothing can impact the quality of experience that the passenger is enjoying on the train.

Medical assistance

Dovrebanen also has a medical assistance team equipped with the basic medical knowledge to provide medical assistance to anyone in need. They can perform the first aid steps in case of cuts, wounds, provide first interventions like CPR, and more.

The medical staff has been trained to act upon the situation to ensure the maximum elimination of any medical threat.

Time expectations

The train is generally on time and reaches the destination within the mentioned time limit. However, there can be a possibility that the train is maybe slightly late than expected due to various unforeseen circumstances such as the weather conditions, on route situations like the intersection of tracks, or any technical difficulties.

Under such circumstances, the board of railways also takes the responsibility to inform the passengers about the delay priorly to ensure that they can handle the time and come accordingly.

How to book?

Dovrebanen, one of the most popular trains of Norway, enjoys a high level of attention from the tourists and even the locals who wish to experience the scenic beauty that the train passes through throughout its course of traveling. But the good news for any traveler or anyone interested in traveling on the train is that you can easily book the tickets for Dovrebannen online.

One can book the tickets for the train through the official website of the Norway railways authority. Moreover, there are also options to book your train tickets to travel through the train throughout Norway by selecting various travel packages available to the customers through a variety of travel companies which offers special rates for tourists to ensure that they can enjoy the best seat in the best trains of Norway and have a memorable time while they are enjoying a ride there . The travel packages offered by various travel companies also ensured that a tourist could enjoy various beautiful stoppages that are a part of the train route and do not miss anything they should have enjoyed being a tourist to Norway. The tour packages also offer hotel stays to ensure that any tourist does not have to work much to find the best hotels and the best train journeys that Norway offers to the people who have come to explore the land.

The payment for the train can be made through online methods. It is quite similar to making payment for any other commodity you purchase online. You can conduct the transaction through MasterCard or any other form of payment that the website software supports.

Safety of the passengers

Another most crucial feature that any passenger would like to keep in mind while booking their tickets at Dovrebannon is that no passenger or person can enter the train without having a ticket and without verification of their identity by the railway authority of Norway.

The train is also monitored through a CCTV camera to ensure that if there is any mishappening during the journey with the passenger or the staff, the culprit can be tracked and found immediately with no delay at all.

Indulging in any activity that troubles the train staff or the co-passengers is a punishable offense. The railway authority of Norway also has the full right to challenge the person in the court of law if found guilty of damaging the train or harming any co-passenger in the train during the journey.

All these measures make traveling in Dovrebannon a pleasurable experience for all people, irrespective of whether the person is from Norway or not.


Traveling in Dovrebannon is a treat for anyone who wants to enjoy traveling Norway and not miss the natural beauty that the country offers, whereas also for the tourist who wants to have a good break away from home and enjoy some nature.

Suppose you’re also interested in knowing everything this majestic train offers to travelers. In that case, there are also numerous vlogs and blogs available online that provide you with all the information that any tourist must know and decide accordingly where they must go where the train could take.

The best places in Norway can be visited through Dovrebannen; come check out and enjoy. Hope this article hepls you in getting the proper idea about  Dovrebannen, where can you find the best places around Norway.