About the Oftobanen (The Ofoten Line)

Train journeys are something that is loved by every individual. Many people like to travel from one place to another via trains. It is not because of the lower costs. But because of several other reasons. People who are travelers don’t like to go anywhere sitting idle or just looking at the clouds. For such people, train journeys are all about making new friends, talking to different people from different places, enjoying the local site view and gossiping with their friends. Train journey shows various mesmerizing landscapes and beautiful views throughout the journey. So there is nearly no chance of people getting bored in the entire journey.

The most preferred and enjoyable train journey is said to be of the Ofotbanen. It is not just a train journey of sitting idle and being bored. But it is about seeing the beautiful landscape of arctic nature along the journey.

Oftobanen is said to be one of the most beautiful journeys one can have on the train. It makes the person have the enjoyment of the beautiful view and the people in the journey. It is an approx 43 kilometers train journey, which starts from the Narvik harbor and ends in Sweden, the national and the current border. This track line is connected to the railway network of the Swedish.

Ofotbanen is said to be one of those countries that have the highest line of traffic. Most of the traffic in this place is happening because of the ore trains at Kiruna. But it is nearly impossible to stop these trains. Because trains play an important role in transporting goods from one place to another. In this region, trains are used for transporting goods between northern and southern Norway. In all Europe, Ofotbanen is among one of the most beautiful lines of the European railways.

History of the Ofotbanen (The Ofoten Line)

The early interest was taken by the British in the ore deposits of the Swedish and discovered both railways and mines projects. They first opened their journey in the area of the Batalic sea. But later, In the year 1882, they received the legal license to make the harbor and oftojorden that was known as Victoria Harbour.

But after some time Norwegian and Swedish railway limited witnessed a sad phase of the time and became bankrupt. But still, they somehow managed to complete a few parts of the route for the railway track approx 8 kilometers on the Norwegian side of Norwegian.

The Swedish and Norwegian governments finally decided in the year 1898 to complete the project of the railways, which was said to be among one of the most extreme projects of the constrictions in the history of the Norwegian.

The line of the Foot is followed from Narvik upwards and towards mountains in the ear words at the border of the Swedish. The track of these lines is constantly getting highly developed and rising. One can travel from Narvik to several parts of Bjornfjell with an easier way of traveling.

The maximum load that can be taken by the Oftot lines is approx thirty tons after the completion of the reinforcement work in the year 2003.

These Ofot lines were opened for the first time in the year 1902. In the year 1988, a stretch of approx 1.5 kilometers was routed for avoiding the old bridge that was present in the Norddalsenden. In the year 2002, a new track for crossing was opened at the station of the Kattegat with a track inside the tunnel.

In the year 2010, an extended track for crossing at Straumsnes station was opened. With so many stations getting opened, the track and the trip became much more enjoyable and easily accessible.


Today approx 10-12 trains of the ore are running nearly every day on these tracks, and most of them are running for companies like mining. Ofotbanen is also important corridor among the whole region of the Nordic. In these areas, 90% of the supply for the grocery is done via train to northern Norway. Several trains are running between Oslo and Sweden daily. Ofotbanen has also got two passenger trains, daily up and down in all the possible directions. One of the trains runs between Lulea and Narvik with further connections in Sweden. On the other hand, the next trains run between Stockholm and Narvik.


Benefits of choosing railway for traveling:

There are endless benefits to get from choosing the railway for traveling. It not only makes your life enjoyable in the complete journey. But also help you in saving your money and enjoying the beautiful view from inside the train journey. Below are the benefits fo get from the trains:

  • Generally choosing other ways of transport for traveling can cost you high amounts. For example, if you are planning to hire a cab for moving to the Norway region, you may end up spending more expense on it. But choosing a train line for the same can help you save your money. It not only save your money but also, help you in providing the best comfortable seats and mesmerizing views throughout the journey. You will get to see the view of the arctic. On the other hand, traveling from roads cannot provide you with such a beautiful view and comfort in the journey.
  • The speed at which these trains run is extremely high. You can reach from one point to another in quick time compared to roadways vehicles. Most of the time, while traveling from the road people come across traffic and jams. It consumes a lot of time and ends up making the person late for their journey. But the Norway trains can help you in reaching far places at much higher speed without facing any intervals and delays in the journey.
  • These Norway trains functioned using electricity. So the chances of them polluting the environment are low. Generally, the harmful glasses coming out of such trains are nearly zero. The Norway trains are very environmentally friendly and can help to save the climate from getting polluted.


Why choose Ofotbanen?

Many people have this common question in their minds. Why should one choose the ofotbanen? So, many people have already been traveling from various places through trains. But the common problem faced by them in the trains is getting bored. On the other hand, if you compare it to ofotbanen, the trains running in the line can never make any person feel bored. The reason behind being such a preferred and enjoyable train ride is the beautiful view one gets to see on the journey. One cannot see such beauty through any other mode of travel. Such beauty can only be experienced in the train journey of the ofotbanen. Its track goes through various beautiful landscapes and bridges. The moment a person sees such beauty, they fall in love with it. Everyone visiting Norway must experience this beauty at least once in their life. It is not just a train journey but a lot more than that.


If the person is making any plans for moving or visiting Norway for vacations or anything else. Then in such cases make sure to check the availability of these trains. Generally, they are run daily. But the demand for these is high, which makes it difficult for people to easily get the tickets.


The charge for the train tickets varies from person to person. The small children are charged less in comparison to the aditus. But spending money on this 42 kilometers journey is worth it. It can make you feel the real beauty of nature. The tracks are built near the water bodies, which makes them look much more attractive. On one side the passenger sees the complete nature and forest. While on the other hand, the person sees only water bodies and rivers.


How to get the tickets?

Getting the ticket to the most beautiful railways is not that difficult. One can easily book them normally from the online platform. Since, technology has increased and developed so much, that one can get many things just from their home without even going anywhere else. So do not get your time wasted and miss the beautiful journey. It can make you feel much more connected to the railway journey and fall in love with the beautiful views.


Traveling is something that many people like. So for such people, this can be the most adventurous thing to be done. Also, this journey goes through several stations that can help take in getting more knowledge about that particular country. So do not get your chance of going through the train missed. It is one of the most recommended rides. So get the tickets as soon as possible. The chances of getting tickets if you are late are low. Every person loves to go through this route. Get the chance to experience the beautiful journey of this route and fall in love with the mesmerizing views. Train journeys are always close to heart, and it becomes even more closely if the person gets to see such view and meet new people.